Custom Peak EQ

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Custom Peak EQ

Postby Rodney » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:38 am


Guitarix only gets better and better! :metal3: :metal2: :metal1: :metal: :metalbanana: it rocks so hard! I would like to ask for a customized Peak EQ to work with the JCM800pre. Basically I would like an oversampled version of it, without the Sub control, only the Bass, Mid and High with the Gain(db) sensitivity adjusted to a regular tone control of an amp (a 3 Band EQ per say). The two reasons are: 1. Every Marshall JCM 800 has different frequencies for the the tone controls, the 2203 differs from the 2204 and 2205 and so forth, so it's nice to be able to choose yourself the frequency(Hz) that you want for each control. 2. I tried the available tonestack and the 3 Band EQ (stereo) but none of them seemed to go along well with the JCM800pre, they kinda muddy the tone. The best result that I got was with the Peak EQ, but it still seems to take away some of the clarity of the JCM800pre.

So thank you very much again, as always you guys ROCK!

Merry Christmas for everyone!

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