Master volume difference between 44.1kz and 96khz

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Re: Master volume difference between 44.1kz and 96khz

Postby gimmeapill » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:12 pm

Thanks for the long story.
Ok, the long term fix would be to bypass ffmpeg whenever possible and rely more on fftw3, so that it doesn't break compatibility with zita-convolver?
And this would in turn requires fftw3 to have a Thread Safe Planner as per
-> according to the release notes the implementation in fftw 3.3.5 was broken and this is apparently fixed in 3.3.6 (current version in Arch.)
Did I get it correctly?

Anyway, Guitarix works fine for me with the changes you've done: the volume is now consistent between 44.1 and 96k (at least for simple presets - I didn't compare all modules).
But users running at 44.1kz & 48K will probably be less than happy that their their presets have a high chance of being too loud.
This would probably require a word of warning if you plan a new release in the current state...


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