compile problems on trunk

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Re: compile problems on trunk

Postby adegert » Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:14 pm

ycollet wrote:Hello,

The compilation pb on current trunk is still here:

mageia 1 32 bits ....

../src/gx_head/gui/gx_preset_window.cpp:1128:86: erreur: ‘class Gdk::Window’ has no member named ‘get_height’
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_preset_window.cpp:1189:90: erreur: ‘class Gdk::Window’ has no member named ‘get_height’

changed those two places.. hope that was all. If it compiles, do the animations in the rack container work? Does
DnD of a preset bank to the desktop or a file manager window work?

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