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After I've lately added a Metronome plugin to guitarix, out of request, I started to think about a simple drum sequencer, to practise along with a drum line, as a Metronome is a bit to boring.
It takes me some time to get it all done, so that you could use it as well from a remote GUI.
Today, it is done, I've added the shiny new little DrumSequencer to guitarix.

This one isn't mean to replace a "real Drum Sequencer" like Hydrogen, but for sequence a little drum line to practise along.
Drum lines could be saved as plugin-presets as usual in guitarix for any plugin.
As You may see in the picture, it comes with a Tom, a Kick, a Snare and a Hat, which is a closed one.
All Sounds are pure synthesized with faust. https://github.com/grame-cncm/faust
You could set the BPM and tact for the sequencer, and change sequences/steps in realtime, but currently the Sequencer is maxed to 24 steps.

Enjoy it
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